Python Hangman

I wrote a hangman style game using the Python programming language. This required me to use the skills I learned so far, and stretch a bit to learn more. One thing I picked up was that you can use the keyword elif to act like else if. Saves a few characters.

Also made use of a kind of for loop. You can use for i in range(n) to make i loop from 0 to n-1. Very handy to enumerate the indexes of a string. Speaking of a string, you can use a zero based index in brackets after the string variable name to access individual characters in the string.

The "in" keyword has other uses. You can check whether an item is in a list by using myItem in myList. That is pretty handy. Finally the values for a boolean variable are written True and False. Yes. You must use capital letters to start those keywords.

Now that I got hangman out of the way, it is time to reach for the stars. Next I think I shall implement tic tac toe. That will require a bit of artificial intelligence. But nothing too deep. I might even use the algorithm my book taught me so I can concentrate on the Python programming aspect.