Floating Controls

I was trying to check out a new C++ tutorial online. The page looked pretty blank. I scrolled down thinking maybe they put the content on the bottom. Nope. All I saw was a picture of a dude that looked like Weird Al. Sheesh.

I read the author's bio. He worked for Microsoft. He has a PhD. And he even wrote a book on C++. So where is the beef? I almost ditched the site.

Then I saw it. There was some annoying plus sign that moved with me as I scrolled the screen. At first I thought that was some annoying web ad or something. Nope. That is the control you use to start the training videos.

Ooops. For me that was a fail. Perhaps the guy got set up. Weak site use tricks like this to get you to click on or notice ads. This was the first time I found the floating control to be used for a legitimate purpose.