Microsoft Expression Studio

The instructor of my XHTML class told us to download Adobe Dreamweaver to do HTML pages quickly. Adobe has a 30 day trial that anybody can. Well I got the program installed. The user interface does not look intuitively obvious.

Then my instructor said he could give us Microsoft Expression Studio free of charge. He made us install it in the computer lab. While it might not do as much as Adobe Dreamweaver, it is surprisingly easy to use.

After knocking out web pages with Express Studio, I wondered if it was worth it to learn how to hand code HTML pages. The verdict is yes. You will know how to debug any problem you encounter. You will also understand the setting much better than somebody who started by pointing and clicking.

Web Developers

I checked out this graphic today comparing web designers and web developers. The most striking difference was the average salaries. Designers make around $47k, while developers pull in $85k. Now why would anyone choose to be a design with statistics like that?

One common feature between the two is that neither job will get you props with the ladies. That is just too bad. Personally I want to be more than just a web developer. And I also want to earn more than the average $85k. So I need to step up my game and learn databases as well.