DrupalCon 2010

Drupal users just had their first users conference. It was called DrupalCon. The conference was hosted by Microsoft Corporation.

Know that Drupal is an open source framework. About one percent of web sites use Drupal. The word Drupal is Dutch meaning drop.

The framework was created back in 2001. Its creator formed the company Acquia to provide support for the framework. This company does things like provide training.

Google Chromium

Google has unleashed their Chromium project. It is a native client SDK. This enables you to use C++ code run by your Internet browser. The C++ code can be called from HTML and JavaScript. It is supposed to make your functionality more powerful. You can access all kinds of C++ libraries.

The browser is becoming the default experience for users. Google wants the browser to be the next generation operating system. Some people are concerned about this new power being available in the browser.

This might be good if people write POSIX compliant code so it can run on all kinds of platforms. Google is positioning this technology for cloud computing. Knowing Google, this might be in Beta for a while.

Others wonder whether Chromium offers anything beyond what the Java Virtual Machine and applets can give you. C++ programmers might think this is just like Microsoft's ActiveX technology. Btw, I got all this info from readwriteweb. So props to them.


REST is hot right now. However it does not give you good access to security standards. What are you to do? Well one thing is for sure. Don't roll your own security code. That will take too long, and it will be full of holes.

I just read up one guy proposing RESTful apps to use security assertion markup language (SAML). This standard is an accepted way to do authentication. It is an alternative to WS-*.

They say SAML has a rich syntax. I can't tell for sure yet. I have only just read about. However it sounds like something to look into if you are going RESTful.