WordPress Carousel

I am taking a college class on WordPress. Have not been really doing any coding in the class. So I am not having a whole lot of fun. I planned out my semester project web site. The initial page was going to have an image slider on it. I figured I would use a Carousel plugin for WordPress. Easier said than done.

I don't know how many plugins I tried. It was at least five. Maybe closer to ten. Lots of them were duds. Yes they were free. But I figured that a carousel was a common item these days. Many times the plugin would not display a single image. Others would display an image or two, but they would not move.

Finally I found Tiny Carousel Horizontal Slider Plus, also known as tchsp. I will admit that I initially had some trouble getting my images into this carousel. Once I did though, the magic happened. Thank you Gopi.

I uploaded a bunch of images to my gallery. However I had trouble getting them to work with tchsp, which requires that you enter the image URL. Turns out if you edit the image in your gallery, there is a File URL in gray over on the right hand side of the screen.

I sure hope the rest of my site will not be as much pain as the carousel was.