Microsoft Virtual Academy

I was planning to complete a Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) course on Python. Specifically I was interested in the Developing Web Applications with Python and Flask. Upon review of the topics for the course, I thought it might not be what I really want. I want to write apps. Not so much web apps.

So I perused the MVA courses related to Python. I tried out the Intro to Python. After viewing the first module, I think it might be too rudimentary for me. The presenters were interesting. Their links were out of date. Don't know why. They hosted their stuff on Github. It should still be out there.

Learned that there are a lot of flavors of Python: CPython, JPython, IronPython, PyPy. Not exactly sure what version I have been learning. Maybe these are specific to Microsoft Windows or something. Of course the MVA recommends you use Visual Studio to do your development. So far I have gotten used to the Python Shell that comes with Python 3.4.

One week left until the local Python Hackathon. I think my skills need more practice. Even the MVA guys say you need to practice to learn. Is it time to implement the game of Othello? Or maybe go full blast a try to code up a mini-roguelike?